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Talk Play Grow is an expanding team of people who love to help children communicate, connect and succeed.

Talk Play Grow is an expanding team of people who love to help children communicate, connect and succeed.

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Well, every day is different when it comes to the children you will see for sessions however there are some key parts to every day at TPG:

  • Helping children and their families communicate, connect and succeed
  • Setting your own goals and planning for the day
  • Delivering high energy, well planned, goal focused sessions
  • Reviewing and updating children’s goals
  • Educating parents on strategies and updating them on progress
  • Reflecting on your practice and finding opportunities for growth
  • Having a scheduled lunch break with the team
  • Reviewing your day and celebrating your wins with the team

We understand that being on the road and in the community all day can be lonely work. This is why our speechies will only ever do a maximum of 2 out of 5 days out and about. We have a small radius around the clinic that we cover so even when you’re out and about you can come back to the clinic for lunch and a chat.

We help children with a variety of communication disorders from birth to 18 years of age. You’ll have a range of children on your caseload including those with stuttering, speech sound disorder, developmental language disorder and pragmatic difficulties. Some of the children will have a disability diagnosed such as ASD and others will not. Opportunities to work in more niche areas such as feeding are available.

Absolutely! We provide loads of training and support so you can succeed as a paediatric speechie at TPG. You’ll go through a comprehensive orientation and induction when you join us. If you’re a new grad you’ll have access to our Transformation New Graduate Program. We also host 4 professional development events every year along with weekly team training and monthly case conferencing. On top of this we cover the cost of you attending approved external training workshops.

For sure! We have a variety of opportunities depending on your goals, passion and abilities. We can help you refine your clinical skills and pursue clinical supervision or maybe you want to pursue a management career as one of our Team Leaders. We are growing and so there are plenty of career progression opportunities.

Yes. We understand that everyone needs routine and you have a life outside of work. Your days and hours of work will be discussed and agreed to when you are offered a position at TPG. Should you need flexibility due to other parts of your life we will do our very best to accommodate this.

No. We consider our weekends precious time to spend relaxing and recharging so we can give our all during the week to help children communicate, connect and succeed.

As in any industry, there are great employers and not so great employers. Please don’t tar us with the same brush as your previous private practice employer! At TPG we’re passionate about providing a supportive environment that sees every employee as a person. Here are some things that WILL NOT happen at TPG:

  • You won’t have a billable hours target that doesn’t allow for clinical admin to be completed within your hours of work
  • You won’t be expected to write reports at home in your own time
  • You won’t be by yourself all day with no team around you
  • You won’t be on the road all day, every day
  • You won’t be left to your own devices with no clinical support or training
  • You won’t have your access to senior speechies limited to phone or online
  • You won’t have to process your own payments
  • You won’t have to find your own clients
  • You won’t have to schedule you own clients’ appointments
  • You won’t be working in a toxic workplace with negativity or bullying

As in any industry there are great employers and not so great employers and this is not limited to private practice! Rather than making your decision based on the sector (private, public, not-for-profit), you should be asking prospective employers for information to better understand whether they fit the ‘great employer’ criteria. Here’s a few to get you started:

  1. Tell me about your purpose and core values
  2. Tell me about your orientation and induction process
  3. What clinical support and training do you provide?
  4. How many hours of face-to-face work will be expected of me?
  5. Tell me about your team culture

By asking the right questions you’ll find there’s not a sector to avoid but there are definitely employers to avoid!

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