Mr McGee and the Biting Flea

This book is a fabulous addition to the Mr McGee series!  Here are some fun ideas for the language skills you can teach preschoolers using this book…

A great way to teach children new words is to show them the object or action.  This book is filled with wonderful verbs (doing words) so act them out with your child.  Get up and writh, twist, squawk and jiggle with your child, they’ll love it!

When Mr McGee gets undressed it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about what Mr McGee takes off using the sequencing concepts of first, next, and then and last “ First he took off his jacket, next he took off his shirt and then he took off his shoes…
You can then act out getting undressed like Mr McGee at the end of the day!

The sorts of questions you could ask whilst reading this book include:
–  Why e.g. why did he let go of the kite/getting undressed
–  What would you do if… e.g. what would you do if you let go of the kite/had a flea on you
–  What happened e.g. What happened when he jumped in the sea
–  How e.g. how could we get the flea off the dog

There are lots of chances to talk about different categories during this story including animals, insects and clothing.  You could write a list of items in one of these categories and hop on the computer together to find an image for each of the items.  Then print them out, stick them next to the written word and stick it up on the wall.  Your child will love seeing their work and it helps reinforce the skill!

This story has loads of rhyming words in it.  You can point out the rhyming words in book and try to think of other rhyming words.  A fun game is to play a modified version of eye spy “I spy with my little eye something rhyming with…”.

A few reminders when reading books with a preschooler:
Talk about the pictures and have a conversation about the story – you don’t have to read the text
Get up and move during the story
Have fun!